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Appraised Values

Tax YearClassLandBuildingTotalReason
2020C41,246,4705,879,6307,126,1001 - 
2019C41,246,4705,879,6307,126,100 - 
2018C41,150,0003,850,0005,000,000H18 - 299c Appeal Value
2017C41,265,3583,421,1524,686,510E17 - 299c Appeal Value
2016C41,246,470753,5302,000,000 - 
2015C41,246,470753,5302,000,000 - 
2014C41,246,470753,5302,000,000 - 
2013C41,106,240668,7001,774,940SF - One Year Sale Price Asmt
2012C41,246,470753,5302,000,000E12 - 299c Appeal Value
2011C41,520,693919,3082,440,000E11 - 299c Appeal Value
2010C41,600,0001,000,0002,600,000S10 - 299c Appeal Value

Assessed Values

Tax YearClassLandBuildingTotalReason
2020C4498,5882,351,8522,850,4401 - 
2019C4498,5882,351,8522,850,440 - 
2018C4460,0001,540,0002,000,000H18 - 299c Appeal Value
2017C4506,1431,368,4611,874,604E17 - 299c Appeal Value
2016C4498,588301,412800,000 - 
2015C4498,588301,412800,000 - 
2014C4498,588301,412800,000 - 
2013C4442,496267,480709,976SF - One Year Sale Price Asmt
2012C4498,588301,412800,000E12 - 299c Appeal Value
2011C4608,277367,723976,000E11 - 299c Appeal Value
2010C4640,000400,0001,040,000S10 - 299c Appeal Value


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