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Tax YearHearing TypeSubkeyOriginal Notice DateFile DateAppeal Status
2010Superior Court105/07/201001/06/2011Completed at Superior Court
2010Board of Equalization105/07/201009/30/2010Appealed to Superior Court
2010Appeal to Board of Assessors105/07/201005/28/2010Certified to BOE
2010C.O.A. Notice105/07/2010Notice Record
2011Board of Equalization105/27/201103/15/2012Time Elapsed
2011Appeal to Board of Assessors105/27/201107/19/2011Certified to BOE
2011C.O.A. Notice105/27/2011Notice Record
2012Board of Equalization207/09/201210/05/2012Time Elapsed
2012Appeal to Board of Assessors207/09/201206/29/2012Cancelled/Rescinded
2012C.O.A. Notice105/29/201201/07/2013Time Elapsed
2012C.O.A. Notice207/09/201201/07/2013Appealed to BTA
2013C.O.A. Notice105/28/2013Time Elapsed
2014C.O.A. Notice105/30/2014Time Elapsed
2015C.O.A. Notice105/29/2015Time Elapsed
2016C.O.A. Notice106/03/2016Time Elapsed
2017Board of Equalization111/22/2017Time Elapsed
2017Appeal to Board of Assessors106/02/201707/13/2017Certified to BOE
2017C.O.A. Notice106/02/2017Appealed to BTA
2018H106/01/201807/17/2018Time Elapsed
2018Appeal to Board of Assessors106/01/201807/17/2018Certified to Hearing Officer
2018C.O.A. Notice106/01/2018Appealed to BTA
2019Appeal to Board of Assessors105/31/201907/08/2019Pending Appeal
2019C.O.A. Notice105/31/2019Appealed to BTA


Tax YearHearing TypeSubkeyTotal FMV
2010Superior Court1$2,600,000
2010Board of Equalization1$3,771,500
2010Appeal to Board of Assessors1$3,771,500
2010C.O.A. Notice1$3,771,500
2011Board of Equalization1$2,440,000
2011Appeal to Board of Assessors1$3,205,775
2011C.O.A. Notice1$3,771,500
2012Board of Equalization2$2,000,000
2012Appeal to Board of Assessors2$2,440,000
2012C.O.A. Notice2$2,440,000
2012C.O.A. Notice1$3,205,775
2013C.O.A. Notice1$1,774,940
2014C.O.A. Notice1$2,000,000
2015C.O.A. Notice1$2,000,000
2016C.O.A. Notice1$2,000,000
2017Board of Equalization1$4,686,510
2017Appeal to Board of Assessors1$4,686,510
2017C.O.A. Notice1$4,686,510
2018Appeal to Board of Assessors1$5,500,946
2018C.O.A. Notice1$5,500,946
2019Appeal to Board of Assessors1$7,126,100
2019C.O.A. Notice1$7,126,100


Tax YearHearing TypeSubkeyNotice TypeMail Date
2010Board of Equalization1BOE Decision Form12/01/2012
2010Board of Equalization1BOE Appointment Letter12/01/2012
2010Appeal to Board of Assessors1Deny/Certify To BOE12/01/2012
2010Appeal to Board of Assessors1Appeal No Changes - Real Estate10/14/2010
2011Board of Equalization1BOE Appointment Letter12/01/2012
2011Board of Equalization1BOE Decision Form12/01/2012
2011Appeal to Board of Assessors130 Day Letter12/01/2012
2011Appeal to Board of Assessors1Appeal Value Changes- Real Estate09/01/2011
2012Board of Equalization2BOE Appointment Letter12/01/2012
2012Board of Equalization2BOE Decision Form10/31/2012
2012Appeal to Board of Assessors2Appeal No Changes - Real Estate
2012Appeal to Board of Assessors2Deny/Certify To BOE12/01/2012
2017Board of Equalization1BOE Decision Form01/29/2018
2017Board of Equalization1BOE Appointment Letter12/28/2017
2017Appeal to Board of Assessors1Deny/Certify To BOE11/29/2017
2017Appeal to Board of Assessors1Appeal No Changes - Real Estate11/22/2017
2017Appeal to Board of Assessors1Commercial Review Form06/02/2017
2018H1BOE Decision Form11/29/2018
2018H1BOE Appointment Letter10/26/2018
2018Appeal to Board of Assessors1HO08/23/2018
2018Appeal to Board of Assessors1Commercial Review Form07/18/2018
2019Appeal to Board of Assessors1Appeal No Changes - Real Estate11/07/2019
2019Appeal to Board of Assessors1180D10/23/2019
2019Appeal to Board of Assessors1Commercial Review Form07/09/2019


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